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1. Forsel Award
XL received two awards from Forsel in 2009 for two categories: Innovative Program (Editor Choice) for Daily Tarif of XL BlackBerry (BlackBerry One) and Person of The Year for XL CEO, Hasnul Suhaimi
2. Golden Ring Award
XL, in third consecutive years, was awarded The Best Operator and The Best Operator Product by Forum Wartawan Telekomunikasi Indonesia (Indonesian Telecommunication Journalists Forum).
3. Customer loyalty Award-The NPS
XL received The NPS Excellence – GSM Prepaid Category award from SWA Magazine. XL was praised for successfully applying Net Promoter Score system (NPS) to enhance customer loyalty in XL Prepaid service.
4. Global Telecoms Business – Innovation Award 2010
XL and Ericsson received prestigious Global Telecoms Business – Innovation Award 2010 for Core Network Innovation category. This award was dedicated for the largest MSC Pool in the world that Ericsson supplied.
5. Word of Mouth Marketing Award 2010
XL was awarded Word of Mouth Marketing Award from SWA Magazine for GSM Prepaid category.
6. Indonesia Best CFO 2010
Willem Lucas Timmermans, CFO of XL has been awarded as Top 10 Indonesia Best Chief Financial O?cer 2010 from SWA magazine.
7. Indonesia MAKE Award 2010
XL, for the 5th time, was awarded MAKE (Most Admire Knowledge Enterprise) award by Dunamis as one of the leading companies in Indonesia.
8. Selular Award
XL was awarded Selular Award 2010 for Best Mobile Data Services GSM, Best BlackBerry Services and Best CSR for Indonesia Berprestasi Program (Indonesia Achieves). The Best CSR for Indonesia Berprestasi Program Award was received for two consecutive years since 2009.
9. Indonesia Cellular Award 2010
XL received acknowledgement from public through Best BlackBerry Service Award and Best Value Added Service Indonesia Cellular Award 2010.
10. Asia’s Best Companies 2010
XL was selected as one of the top 10 leading companies in Indonesia. It has won four awards such as Asia’s Best Companies 2010 from FinanceAsia magazine, Best Managed Company, Best Corporate Governance and Best Investor Relations.
11. SCTV Award 2010
XL was awarded SCTV Award for TV Commercial of XL Prepaid Rp 25/minute ‘Tebak-tebakan’ version.
12. Frost & Sullivan-Indonesia
XL was awarded by the Frost & Sullivan- Indonesia Best Practice Awards for two categories such as Service Provider of the Year and Mobile Service Provider of the Year.
13. Best CEO 2010
President Director of XL, Hasnul Suhaimi, won the Best CEO in 2010. This award initiated by SWA magazine was based on the assessment of two parameters (CEO Index) such as leadership and employees’ commitment.
14. Forsel Award 2010
XL BlackBerry Service was selected to be The Best BlackBerry Service by Editor Choice on Forsel Award 2010.
15. Gadget Award 2010
XL was chosen as The Best Innovation GSM from Gadget Award 2010.

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